The Scrubs That Make Work Wear Fun

Starched white caps and crisp, dress-like nursing uniforms are now long gone. They were replaced by loose-fitting scrubs that are far more suitable to the demanding workloads required in the medical field. However, most scrubs are essentially the same style and differ primarily in their colors. With the exception of pediatrics, even the colors of scrubs tend to be boring and are not comfortable for everyone. With that in mind, a company called Med Couture has introduced a line of men’s and women’s scrubs that combine exceptional comfort with fashion touches, fun colors and eye-catching prints.

The Evolution of Fashionable Scrubs

An enterprising businessman decided that traditional medical wear did not support professionals throughout their jobs, so he decided to create something that did. Beginning with his first collection, the new scrubs included additions like contrasting trims and stitching. They also have lots of pockets and many are designed in fabrics that stretch and move with wearers, to maximize comfort during grueling shifts.

There Are Solid Color Scrubs for Every Taste

Another idea behind fashion scrubs is that they can be mixed and matched, to create unique looks. For example, the line includes a knit panel top that is sold in more than a dozen rainbow hues. Tops are also available in a variety of fits and flattering necklines. Solid-color pants include cargo, yoga, straight-leg, flex-it and maternity styles. Their bright, cheerful colors pair beautifully with any of the tops. Customers can also choose white lab coats in a range of styles, fits and lengths.

Printed Scrubs Add Fun and Flair

The range of beautifully colored solid pants in the Couture line can also be paired with fun, fashionable printed tops. Clients will find prints in sophisticated grays and whites as well as candy-colored pinks, blues, purples and reds. Their patterns include bubbles, ribbons, flowers, block print, abstract designs and butterflies. Printed tops also offer a choice of necklines.

Medical professionals no longer need to settle for drab, uncomfortable scrubs. An innovative company now offers a line created with comfort and style in mind. Customers can choose from a variety of colorful, comfortable pants and tops in styles that fit every taste and need.